When it comes to security for your home or business, you want the best of the best. Investing in a great lock is obviously the first step for any person who is looking to up their security, but how do you know what type of lock is best? 

You want to choose something that is secure and sturdy and can withstand any break-in attempt. 

One type of lock that is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners and business folks alike is the ultion lock supplied and fitted by Locksmith Newcastle

What is an ultion lock? 

It’s a revolutionary new type of lock that has a built-in defense mechanism that activates upon any attempt to disengage it. 

Ultion locks have a sensor that can detect an attack, and when that detection happens, the lock engages and cannot be unlocked no matter how many attempts are tried. 

Ultion locks are so superior that they have a five-star rating and are the preferred lock of police and other types of security personnel. 

Ultion locks are also accredited with Sold Secure Diamond. 

Offering double snap resistance and featuring a “lockdown mode”, which won’t unlock even with a key stuck inside, ultion locks provide the very best in security and safety. 

Each key is 60% sturdier and contains a torch from right inside the key, providing you with an extra little safety touch. 

These keys can access all areas, so if you have ultion locks at various doors, you’ll no longer have to keep up with a separate key for every door in the house – the ultion key works with them all. 

Most locks are able to be picked or broken into with a little no-how, and those with a vested interest in getting inside your home or business likely have the skills necessary to break in. 

Security systems and alarms can be a huge help, but you want to make sure they never get past the front door. 

One of the best ways to make sure of that is to invest in a durable, secure lock that is guaranteed unbreakable. 

You’ve got that with the ultion lock. 

Most ultion locks contain at least six anti-drill safety steel pins that are virtually unbreakable. 

This is the technology that makes these impossible to break into. A hidden firing pin is contained in the core of the lock that, when activated, secures the central cam and stops the intruder from being able to further tamper with the lock. 

Once the lockdown mode is engaged, there is no breaking into the door, period. 

Because these locks are so secure, they are the preferred lock for people across a wide spectrum, including homeowners, business owners, police and other security personnel, and more. 

If you think an ultion lock is the best bet for you, make an appointment with a locksmith today to get your heavy duty ultion lock installed. 

Easy to install, ultion locks are simply the most superior way to protect your home, business and/or assets. Try an ultion lock today; you won’t be disappointed.