While there are several things that can go wrong while driving around in your car, locking yourself outranks near the first on the list for the worst things that can happen. Unless you have a spare key in handy, there is little you can do at the moment once you shut down your car’s door and realize your car keys are still hanging in the keyhole. The following tips are great to keep in mind when you are out driving in Newcastle, and they could potentially save you the trouble and embarrassment of locking yourself out of your beautiful car.

Have a professional locksmith create a spare key for you.

A nice option to prevent locking yourself out of your automobile is to have spare keys made. Depending on the type of keys you have determines how pricey this is. For regular keys without a fob or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, you can simply have a key made at a local locksmith Newcastle store. For keys with fobs and RFIDs, you need to go to your local dealership to have a spare made.

In addition to having spare keys made, you need to have easy access to them when you lock yourself out of your vehicle. Places to put spare keys include:

  • At home in an easily accessible place, including the kitchen or in your bedroom.
  • While it might seem redundant, you can keep a spare key in your pocket or purse.
  • Another place that you can place your key is hidden somewhere on your vehicle, usually in a magnetic box stuck in an inconspicuous area.

You should keep your keys on you.

The very first rule when driving your automobile is to never ever leave your keys in your car when you exit. You should always put them in your pocket or purse, or should at least have them in your hands when you get out. One of the common scenarios is to set them down in the seat and then you can forget about them. Locksmith Newcastle recommends to remove them from your ignition, either hold onto them or place them somewhere safe, such as in your pocket.

  • Tip: Using a brightly colored or designed key chain can also help you keep track of your keys. Some other colored items to use to help you keep track of your keys include brightly colored lanyards, charms, and other decorative items.

Always use the key to lock the doors.

Another way to avoid locking your keys in your car is to only use the fob on the key to lock the doors. This is very easy for the keys that have the locking mechanism built in. Just make sure that when you go to lock and unlock the car door to only use the buttons on the key. Using this method, you should always have your keys on you, and if you don’t, then you won’t be able to lock your vehicle doors.

  • Tip: When you get out of your car, before closing the door, do a quick check to make sure you have your car keys in your hand, in your pocket, or in your purse.

Replace batteries in the fob.

Sometimes the key fob might not work when unlocking your vehicle. In cases such as this, check the key fob battery and you need to make sure it is not dead. If it is, it is a simple matter of replacing the battery, which you can purchase at many auto part stores.

  • Tip: In addition to the batteries in the key fob not working and needing replacement, you just might also have a dead battery in your vehicle. If this is the case, you might have to unlock the door lock by inserting the key. After replacing your vehicle battery, you need to check and make sure that your key fob works.

If you got locked out of your car you can call locksmith Newcastle to get you out of your locked out situation!