Consequently, locks are an essential part of your home security, if your doors and windows are well-built and fitted, then they will offer unparalleled protection, but without locks, they may as well not be there to protect us at all. For this subsequent reason, you should treat your locks checking and maintenance as an annual task to be completed at the every season immediately. This way, you can shift seasons fully assured that your home is as secure as it can be.

Complete a locking inventory for your property.

Take a tour of your whole property in Newcastle, including any outbuildings such as garages and sheds, and you should compile a list of all external locks. You need to include the locks present on both your doors and windows. Take note of other security features, such as padlocks, door chains and garage door defenders in your property. Obviously, you’ll only have to do this once in a while, until you have changed or add locks to your home. Locksmith Newcastle suggests you get a comprehensive list of all external locks, you can go round one by one to check and clean them. While this may seem a bit time-consuming, it’s actually useful to have your locks on record, and that way you can check them off as you go along, ensuring that none are overlooked.

Upgrade your old or broken locks and let them retire.

According to Newcastle locksmith, you may have some locks in your home which are rather outdated, yet are still in good working order. While it may feel that they don’t need replacing, it’s worth remembering that modern locks can withstand forced entry much more effectively. Many older locking mechanisms have weak points which have since been identified and can be taken advantage by thieves. Even if your older locks work, they may have inherent faults which make them more vulnerable something which is unlikely to be an issue with a new lock. Unfortunately, your locks don’t even have to be so old to be considered dangerously out of date. Euro cylinder locks are very common on front and back doors. These locks are likely to have an at-risk weak point if the door was installed before 2008. If pressure is applied to the lock, the inner structure can snap right away, automatically unlocking the door this takes seconds and requires no special tools. If you have to lift the handle to the lock of your front door, then it’s likely you have one of these locks.

You need to make sure that you schedule cleaning your locks.

When locks are left for several years without being properly cleaned and maintained, dirt and grime can build up inside the locks and can cause the inner mechanism to stick, as well as making the key harder to turn. Locksmith Newcastle says that over time, this will put stress on certain components and definitely make the lock weaker. It may severely shorten the lifespan of the lock and put you at risk of it breaking at the most inconvenient time. You can clean your locks by wiping them over with a slightly damp cloth. If there is dirt or grime around the lock itself then you must use a cleaning agent, make sure that it is compatible with the lock material and avoid getting any cleaner inside the lock, as this can cause abrasion and damage to the lock’s’ mechanism. Do not spray water or cleaner directly into the lock hole.

These are some simple lock maintenance that can go a long way and will save you money. To have your locks checked and replaced. Give us a call and will come over to give you a free lock survey and quote. Contact us now!