Beautiful Bridges in Newcastle

There are several bridges spanning over the wide Newcastle create together the most characteristic view of the city of Newcastle. Stand by the river east of the center of it and view Gateshead Millennium Bridge framing the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. If you have time to walk along the river past all of the bridges, totally do so it will be fun.

The Tyne Bridge

The Tyne Bridge is a through arch bridge over the River Tyne in North East England, linking Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead. This bridge in Newcastle was designed by the engineering firm Mott, Hay and Anderson, who later designed the Forth Road Bridge, and was built by Dorman Long and Co. of Middlesbrough. The bridge was officially opened on 10 October 1928 by King George V and has since become a defining symbol of Tyneside. It is ranked as the tenth tallest structure in the city.

High-Level Bridge

The High-Level Bridge is a road and railway bridge spanning the River Tyne between Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead in North East England. It is also considered the most notable historical engineering work in the city. It was designed by Robert Stephenson to form a connection link towards Scotland for the developing English railway network; a carriageway for road vehicles and pedestrians was incorporated to generate additional revenue. The main structural elements are tied cast iron arches.

Swing Bridge

The Swing Bridge is a swing bridge over the River Tyne, England, linking Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead, and lies between the Tyne Bridge and the High Level Bridge. The hydraulic power still used to move the bridge is derived from electrically driven pumps. These feed a hydraulic accumulator sunk into a 60foot shaft below the bridge; the water is then simultaneously released under pressure which runs the machinery to turn the bridge. The mechanism used for this is still the same machinery originally installed by Armstrong. It has a 281 ft cantilevered span with a central axis of rotation able to move through 360° to allow vessels to pass on either side of it.

Most people only see bridges as structures that connect one path to another. There are so much view and architectural structure that you will see if spend a little walk in them. Newcastle has 7 bridges you could visit and we listed the top three that is most accessible to you.

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